Starting a business with little to nothing.

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So you want to start a business but you don't have the money to start. I get it, this is very possible. Did you know we started our business with no money but with a leap of faith. Somehow we still managed to end up with dollars in our bank account.

Have you ever heard of drop-shipping? Even, selling your OWN digital products as well. If you haven't heard of drop-shipping we will explain.

Drop-shipping is when you don't keep any products on hand or in stock at all. You would have your vendor customise and ship out your products for you.

So what happens to my customers?

1. Your customers will still place their products like usual

2. You would receive the order and payment.

3. Hit up your vendor and communicate with them what products you need for your order.

4. The wholesale vendor who manufactures the item will then ship out the products to the customer for you.

5. You not only make profit, but you keep a happy customer too. 

Don't be discouraged, if you keep a millionaire mindset, positive energy, you are guaranteed to set yourself up for success. 

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